Summer bee classes

Ted talks about top bar in Advanced Beekeeping

Ted talks about top bar in Advanced Beekeeping

The month of July was pretty busy for the association in general and Ted and me personally. Dave Mackovjak organized two classes two weekends apart. Jean Ball and I cooked and served the food for both events.

On the last Saturday in June the association held its second annual Advanced Beekeeping class. Ted was asked to step in to talk about “alternative hives”, meaning top bar, Warre, and westerns. He builds beautiful top bar hives so it was nice to see him talking about them, and he’s a great teacher too!

July 14 and 15 the club held its first “Queen Rearing in the Pacific Northwest” class. We got hands-on experience in grafting and making nuc splits. The class came with a DVD containing all the course materials, and a book! It was quite a good deal. We came away with lots of ideas for experiments to try!

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