Winter 2013 report

Ariadne Apiary: going into winter, we had four top bar hives, one half-sized top bar hive, one Warre, and one foundationless Langstroth. Coming out of winter we have four top bar hives..

Top bar nuc: this hive had a queen we pulled to requeen her hive. It was too small a colony and they ran out of food.

Warre hive: this was a swarm from a Puyallup feral colony we hived in August of 2011. It had dysentery int its first winter but made it through the summer. We fed honey-b-healthy but then did not feed, using it as a control. Didn’t make it through this winter.

Foundationless Langstroth: I didn’t get in and manage that hive well. A combination of small hive and food away from the cluster did them in.

Of the four top bar hives, the most impressive is the one we requeened with a local queen line, Gorst Survivor. We requeened because the hive was unhygenic, it had chalk brood, and the queen was not laying well. The new queen’s progeny cleaned the hive up fast and filled up the hive. They fly earliest and latest. It’s a convincing display of the importance of good and locally adapted genetics.

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