Package day 2013

Ted answers top bar questions on Package Day

Ted answers top bar questions on Package Day

Package Day is Christmas for beekeepers. Stedman’s Bee Supply imported 600 packages of Italians from California this year. They came a little late, today! The Carniolans will come a few weeks from now.

This year I am president of the local association. West Sound Beekeepers Association meets at Stedman’s and keeps our apiary there, and we pitch in on package day, helping to hand out the packages. Down in the apiary our teachers showed people how to hive their new packages.

This year our treasurer Frank Wilson and I set up a table in the shop. We took memberships, introduced people to the club and our classes, and answered questions. My favorite was when a woman called the shop, and Barbara Stedman said, “You need Brandy” and handed me the phone. A club member had taken her package home and was calling to find out if she’d done it right. She had!

Down at the apiary Ted pitched in answering questions. He got the top bar questions and was answering with such enthusiasm and detail that I told him he ought to do a hands-on demo. I was thinking I wanted three years under my belt before I did any teaching, but Ted has a *lot* of top bar experience already.

I got him a package to re-hive in the Langstroth. “Happy package day!” I said. He got me a boardman feeder for my new outyard top bar hive and built a follower board for it. “Happy package day!” he said.

Happy package day to all!


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  1. You are right Brandy!!! Very exciting day for everyone. The new folks who are getting bees for the first time….and the experienced beeks who get to experience the rush of helping others get started. Thank you for all of your help and positive leadership.

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