Bee transfer

Bees walk into hive

Bees walk into hive

On package day this year Frank Wilson at The Beekeepers Digest mentioned a technique he’d heard that was less violent than banging the bees into the box. The idea is to put a board between the package and the new hive and let them walk in. I hived the package as usual (banging and all), but then Ted set up a board between the package and the hive. Every last one of the remaining bees walked herself into the hive. The next time I hive a package I’m going to try this first!


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  1. we just joined a bee club in central Illinois. looking to maybe start keeping next spring. do you know of any members of your club we could buy honey and pollen from? the flora from your area is amazing. thank you . Linda

    • Sorry to reply so late. Your club should be able to direct you to places to buy honey, and also local beekeeping supplies. You can also try mail order supplies. Good luck!

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