Langstroth to Warre hive move

Langstroth to Warre hive move

Langstroth to Warre hive move

Expanding our apiary to include the other type of top bar box, I commissioned a Warre hive from Darren Gorden of House of Bees. Darren does super work and it’s a pretty hive! Ted painted it an especially nice yellow that goes well with the lavender Kenyan hives.

In August I acquired a feral swarm. This swarm came in a cardboard nuc box on Langstroth deep foundationless frames. I wanted to hive this swarm in the Warre hive. The catch here is that the Warre bars are about half the size of the Langstroth frames. It was clear we were going to have to do some surgery to move the bees from the cardboard nuc to the finished Warre hive.

Last week we performed the operation. Our mentor George came over to assist. They worked out a rhythm: Darren split the wood on top of the Langstroth hives, Ted sawed through the comb to split it in half, Darren screwed Warre bars to each half and inserted them into the Warre hive. George handled the frames, brushing bees off, taking the discarded pieces away, and managing the hive so it stayed happy. I took pictures and called out encouragment.

Ted and I were awfully appreciative of Darren and George’s time and effort. Darren took a video, hopefully he’ll put it up on his web site.

Link: House of Bees.

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