Nuc box to Kenyan top bar move

Swarm in brush

Swarm in brush

Exciting times in the apiary Sunday. Ted finished the new hive so we moved the swarm from the cardboard box to their permanent home. They had built so much comb in just a few days! There were two combs on one bar. We had to cut some comb to fit it into the slant-sided hive. This was the maddest we’ve ever made a colony, bees were all over my suit, and one got into my veil, although it didn’t sting me. Ted got stung twice before he put on his veil and gloves. This is the most stressed I’ve been so far as a beekeeper.

We’ve decided to name the hive boxes and just keep track of the history of the colonies in each box, to simplify our record keeping. The leftover colony from the first swarm is our problem child – the old bees there are dying off, we haven’t seen a new queen (they’re hard to spot) so we aren’t sure we have one, and we’ve seen larvae but we don’t know if they are worker larvae. Our plan is to check at the end of next week to try to figure out if that colony is still a queen-right colony.

Both colonies from the second swarm are doing so well I wonder if we’re going to get a secondary swarm out of one of them. If we do we’ll combine it with our problem hive. Meanwhile I told Ted he should think about making another box! June is swarm season.

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